viernes, 15 de junio de 2018

International Congress

International Congress

Since 2015, The International Chair Innocent III organises an International Conference in the Catholic University of  San Antonio, Murcia (UCAM).

Here you can see the last conference's programs.

"Innocent III and his time"

The first International Conference [in the year of the 800th anniversary of the Fourth Lateran Council and of the English Magna Charta] has spoken about Innocent III and his time, from the period of absolute papal monarchy to the Fourth Lateran Council, not only by focusing the point of view of history, but also by underlining law topics. 

"Justice,Merci and Law"

The second International Conference has discussed upon Justice, Mercy and Law [from revenge, to forgiveness in the History of Law]. Retributive way, forgiveness and mercy are the key-words of a new idea of Justice, which has to forsake the concept of private revenge and “revenge for honour” to accomplish its actual aim.


                  The third International Conference has considered the justice and the judicial process in the History of law, from an interdisciplinary point of view: law, comparative law, history, sociology, historiography and other disciplines have been profoundly involved. 



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