viernes, 22 de junio de 2018

“Sister Death”

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“Sister Death” 

“Sister Death” is the title of the book presented at the UCAM, Catholic University of Murcia, by Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life and of the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute.  Paglia highlighted in his speech that the concept of death has been erased from the cultural landscape, and no one talks about it any more.

The prelate emphasized the “cultural campaign” that has been carried out about Euthanasia with the aim of making the elderly demand it themselves. He also stressed “the problem of loneliness in today’s society due to the strength of the current culture of individualism, fragmentation and lack of fraternity”.

José Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM, also took part in the ceremony and said that “at the Catholic University, we are united to the Pope, we totally identify with him”.

Mendoza also announced together with Monsignor Paglia that the Catholic University will organise a congress with the Pontifical Academy for Life that will focus on palliative care.

Worldwide dissemination of the Studies on Marriage and Family

Also in the context of this event, José Luis Mendoza recalled that the UCAM is working along with the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute in the dissemination of the studies on marriage and family, taking this training to the most disadvantaged regions of the world through on-line degrees. Those who complete those degrees obtain both the ecclesiastical certificate of the Pontifical Institute and the civil certificate granted by the Catholic University. Javier Belda, dean of the Faculty of Human, Canonical and Religious Sciences, is the coordinator for these studies.


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