martes, 18 de septiembre de 2018

Fourth Annual Law and Theology Day

“Our main objective is to help the Pope with his mission”

On May 18th, 2018, the 4th Law and Theology Day, organised by the International Chair Innocent III, took place in the UCAM. The speakers included Monsignor Filippo Iannone, the new president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts.

   With his speech, Monsignor Iannone highlighted that the objective of his dicastery is to “help the Pope in his mission, and its specific function, in the field of canon law, consists in receiving the new laws as well as the laws in force, which must be interpreted in order to propose solutions”.

Throughout the event, talks were given about topics such as the synodal institution, seen as an element of the primitive Church: from the shared responsibility to the ‘sacra regula’, with the speech of Javier Belda, dean of the Faculty of Human and Religious Sciences of the UCAM. 

Emile Kouveglo, professor of Law of the People of God in the Pontifical Lateran University of Rome, made a reflection regarding the topic of synodality nowadays, in light of the Second Vatican Council.

On the other hand, the president of the University, José Luis Mendoza, stated that, throughout these days, a reflection was made regarding the concept of synodality, seen by the Church as a way to “walk together”, in communion with Christ and the Pope.                                                                              

The vice rector of Religious Matters of the Catholic University, José Alberto Cánovas, and the president of the Institutum Utriusque Iuris of the Pontifical Lateran University, Manuel Arroba participated in the event as well. Students and professors of the Law and Business Faculty attended the event.


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