Our International Chair


The Pontifical Lateran University of Rome, through the Utriusque Iuris Institute, and the Catholic University of Murcia encouraged the creation of an international chair aimed at strengthening the research initiatives of their members in the areas of common interest, especially the areas dedicated to promoting, collaborating, fostering and disseminating matters concerning the History of Law, Ius Commune and Canon Law. The founding act of the chair was signed on 21 November 2014.

Its patron, Pope Innocent, is a Pope who was able to respond to the challenges of a changing world, to an uncertain era, that required a reform anchored in the Doctrine and in the Gospel. The Pope considered a deep reform in every sense, so that the Church could celebrate what it believed in; both in the altar and beyond the limits of the temple.
It is no recklessness to connect those problems to the current reality. The need to occupy all the spaces of the contemporary life and culture requires an ecclesial presence, a strong and dynamic one, able to support the building that Saint Francis of Assisi helped preserving.
The great challenges of the contemporary world are not foreign to the Church's concerns. Now, like then, the social changes, the voices calling for reforms, the thirst of salvation facing empty words, invite us to make a serious and scientific study that allows to understand what we were and what we can’t renounce to. The International Chair III was created exactly for this reason, in order to give an opportunity so that the reflection about the past could help us shedding a light on the present and clearing up the future. We must understand that, for the Christians, but also for the man of every era, the experience of history constituted and continues to constitute a great challenge.
Ever since its birth, one of the aims was to establish a solid structure that allows to create the basis for the best-possible scientific research. For this reason, the most renowned researchers of the field were invited to safeguard the quality and to participate in the activities of the Chair. In this regard, we have more than 200 renowned researchers, from 120 universities and investigation centres from all over the world, who are regularly collaborating with the Chair.


CALL FOR PAPERS - Vergentis. Revista de Investigación de la Cátedra Internacional Conjunta Inocencio III

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